The main goal of capitalism is making money. Pure capitalists look at a situation and ask:
How can we make the most profit?
The main goal of charity is helping others. Pure charities look at a situation and ask:
How can we do the most good?
Corporations cannot abandon capitalism; profitability is the lifeblood of business. However, while most charities likewise cannot make a profit, today’s corporations have unprecedented power to do good.
Charitable Capitalism
Successful capitalists can make the world a better place by making doing good a normal part of doing business. Charitable capitalists ask:
How can we do the most good?
How can we make the most profit doing that?
Why do good?

For individuals, doing the right thing is reason enough. Corporations, though, have a responsibility to their shareholders to maximize profit. Fortunately, doing good is great for business.

Charitable capitalism can help in every department:

Sales Customer Service
The charitable component of a business can differentiate its products, giving customers another reason to buy. When interacting with an organization that does good, customers are more understanding and less likely to complain.
Public Relations Human Resources
Charity adds a new dimension to any news, giving the media more reason to cover a company and portray it favorably. Working for a good cause improves morale and can help attract and retain more talented, passionate employees.
Finance Legal
Goodwill can be a company's greatest intangible asset and can buoy its stock price and long-term outlook. A positive public image can result in more lenient regulation as well as less frequent lawsuits.
2040 Vision

Our mission is to help create a brighter future by identifying ways corporations can make doing good a profitable part of their core business.

Tales from 2040 Book PhotoOur first step toward achieving this goal has been to publish Tales from 2040, which you can get free-of-charge here. This book contains three short stories that show how prominent leaders of today can use capitalism to help solve some of the world's toughest social problems... and make a fortune in the process.

Through this book, we are working to form the 2040 Network, a think tank of business analysts, marketing consultants, technology experts, researchers, and authors to develop new ways that large corporations can improve the world around them while making a healthy profit.

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