Apple. Facebook. Lady Gaga.

Today: Masters of Capitalism
Tomorrow: Heroes of Society

We typically look to the American government to solve social problems, but that government is bankrupt and deadlocked.

On the other hand, Apple has more cash in the bank than the United States Treasury and can spend it without years of political debate. Who has more power to solve big problems?

Who has more influence with young people? The president? Or Lady Gaga?

Who has changed the world more in the last few years? Congress? Or Facebook?

The age of government is over.

Corporations are the new superpowers.
What if they used their power for good?

These stories from a brighter future tell how the leaders of today could use capitalism to help solve some of the world’s largest social problems... and make a fortune in the process.

Tales from 2040 #001:

How Apple Helped the Tea Party and Occupy Movements Fix Politics

The Tea Party introduces a better way to find qualified leaders that upsets the 2012 presidential election. Apple and the Occupiers help get everyone involved, and in 2036, the stranglehold of the two-party system is broken when we elect the first Independent president.

Tales from 2040 #002:

How Lady Gaga Fought Crime, AIDS, and Abortion Rates

Lady Gaga orchestrates a music project that heralds a new era of personal responsibility. As a result, we change how we teach sex education and learn that small changes in our behavior lead to major advances against some of society’s toughest problems.

Tales from 2040 #003:

How Facebook Beat the Banks and Raised an Army of New Volunteers

Facebook releases a new feature that helps us lose weight, save money, and become the people we had always hoped to be. Eventually Facebook becomes the center of the digital universe and later founds the world's largest financial institution.

Some early readers of Tales from 2040 had kind words to say: incredibly realistic, you’ll forget it’s fiction. You’ll keep asking yourself, Wait, did what I just read really happen? That’s not even the mind-blowing part. That comes later when you realize how easy it would be to actually do what’s in the story, and then you’ll ask, Why hasn’t this happened already?[more]

— marshalt

... fun to read, and full of hidden gems ... there I was reading about Lady Gaga and found myself in the middle of what may be the best analysis of sex education ever written ... it’s hard to compare to other books because I’ve never heard of anything remotely like it before ... there’s something in there for everyone.[more]

— K. White

A true visionary, Cardinal sees what others cannot. Where others see mega-corporations as evil tyrants and their massive power as a threat, Cardinal sees their untapped potential to do good ... When others look into the future, they see a dreary wasteland, but Cardinal sees a better world and ... he shows us exactly how to get there.” [more]

— Richard C.

Don’t let the positive attitude fool you—this is not hopey-changey hogwash ... this guy knows exactly how business works and what makes people tick ... Tales from 2040 is an instruction manual for fixing America—and the world—disguised as interesting stories people would actually want to read.” [more]


This book left me speechless. The depth of research alone is staggering. I’ve never seen anything like it ... You would expect a book with footnotes after every sentence to be boring, but I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for the next one.” [more]

— Natalia M.


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