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Did you find an idea in one of the books compelling? Or completely unbelievable? Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the first books will help make the next tales better. You can share criticism or praise directly with the author.
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Invent your own superheroes

The introduction to Tales from 2040 discusses how Tim Cook, Lady Gaga, and Mark Zuckerberg have powers beyond those of us mere mortals, and the individual books show them using their superpowers for good.

Can you think of a way a powerful corporation could help make the world a better place while still making a profit? Join the 2040 Network and share your ideas. (You don’t have to write a whole book — a few sentences would be fine.)

Please note: You will be credited for any ideas that are used in future Tales from 2040 books.

Or, if you are more artistically inclined, you could share your idea visually. Here you can see what happened when artist Jake Jacinto collaborated with Christopher Cardinal to reimagine each story in the Tales from 2040 series as a classic comic book starring these modern day superheroes:

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These are just three concepts; we’d love to see more.

A well-designed image can communicate ideas quickly to far more people than will read a long book, so if you are an artist, we’d be thrilled to add your illustrations of your own corporate superhero concepts to this site.

Please share your images by either e-mailing them to or by posting a link in the Corporate Superheroes section of the 2040 Network forum. You are also welcome to describe your ideas in words on the forum — we’ll try to find artists to illustrate the best ones.

Please note: You will retain ownership of all images you submit, and we will also display your name linked to the URL of your choice. In addition, you will be credited in future Tales from 2040 books if concepts you submit are used therein.

Join the 2040 Network

The 2040 Network is a group of professionals forming now who will work together to develop new ideas for solving social problems in the future.

If you have knowledge or experience that could help, please consider joining — we need business analysts, marketing consultants, technology experts, economists, psychologists, sociologists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, designers, writers, and creative problem solvers from all walks of life. To apply, simply join the 2040 Network and fill out the appropriate information in your profile. Join the Network

Work as a writer or consultant

2040 Vision will be hiring consultants and writers from the 2040 Network to help create the next volumes of Tales from 2040, both to increase the quality of the content and to reduce the amount of time taken to complete them. In addition to the professions listed in the previous section, we are looking for experts in the following areas:

For more information about the 2040 Network, please read these FAQs. If you are interested in working as a writer, researcher, or consultant, please simply join the 2040 Network and indicate your interest in your profile.